The forefront deployment and development expert in automated retail


Utilizing proprietary and patented systems to lower the HR costs of retail businesses


Provide the consumer with a new and novel shopping experience.

Automated intelligence simply asks what are you thinking as if anything was possible.

Automated Intelligence’s team of software engineers has capacity to take what you want to do, regardless of whether it has ever been done before and create it for you.

AI Works directly with some of the leading automation technology companies in the world

With a team of engineers it deploys customize development for its clients utilizing current and/or prototype technologies from these companies.

With the client centric approach and
a belief of anything is possible,
is the Future of your retail business.

Companies seek out automated intelligence
for a lot of reasons

If you decide you’re ready.

Automated intelligence - TELL US WHAT YOU IMAGINE

WE can do that.

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And if we can’t today, we will have our team of software engineers develop what you need in the timeline you require. Initial consults available upon request at $1000 an hour.

    Automated Intelligence